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Spring is around the corner yet again. Have you started your new lifestyle yet? If you had started on New Years Day or even on the second of January you could be well on your way to permanent weight loss. Remember, permanent weight loss starts in your head, not your stomach. And I’m not talking about attitude or inspiration. I’m talking about a step-by-step plan that allows for human imperfection and really works. If sustainability is your new buzzword, then you should check out this approach to permanent weight loss.


Holidays Are Around The Corner!

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Well, the holidays are again, coming up fast.  Many people are either planning to gain weight and start their dieting efforts anew after January first, or trying to figure out a way to lose weight before the holidays.  To be honest, either way is a recipe for failure.  Losing weight is something that if done correctly, need only be done one time.  Because The Part Time Diet is really a lifestyle plan that can easily be followed for life, permanent weight loss without chronic deprivation and iron resolve is possible.  Buy the Part Time Diet For Full Time Weight Loss now and and give yourself the present of a healthy weight.


Is Now a good time to start a weight loss program????

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I have been using my local Planet Fitness since last October, and last night was the first time I noticed that the elliptical trainers were really crowded, and the energy level in the place seemed especially high.  Granted I go late at night and that is usually a slow time for them, but I think it makes the point that people are feeling the press of time as summer roars toward us.  They are caught in a vortex I will call the seasonal cycle.  So is this a good time to begin the trek to the new slimmer you??  Of course it is!  Just don’t be disappointed if the new you arrives somewhat later than, let’s just say, the first day of June.

As I try to make clear in “The Part Time Diet For Full Time Weight Loss,” weight loss is something you should do just once in your life.  When you are at your goal weight the rest of your energies devoted to this should be aimed at maintenance, not the seasonal yo-yoing up and down the weight spectrum.  The PTD outlines a specific framework to accomplish exactly this, in fact, sometimes I think the book should be re-named the Part Time Weight Maintenance Program.  Another way of looking at this is to think of the coach with the winning record who when asked how he wins so much responded, “I don’t lose much.”  Transmogrifying this idea for our purposes means the first thing you need to learn when trying to lose weight or maintain weight is how to eat without gaining weight.  I know this sounds commonsensical, but if you don’t learn how to manage food intake to maintain body weight you will be doomed to the seasonal cycle.


The “D” Word

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The cancer of political correctness has removed yet another word from the common lexicon.  When discussing weight loss, the word “diet” has now been deemed outmoded, improper and even vulgar.  I say this because lately,after commenting on some diet themed articles in which I espoused the flexibility and ease of part time dieting, I received comments stating that diets don’t work.  “Diets don’t work,”ranks up there with, “You must eat more to lose weight.”  Taken out of context, both adages are really meaningless.  Let’s start with the word diet.  One definition is: To eat and drink according to a regulated system, especially so as to lose weight or control a medical condition.  Call it what you want, but any plan that purports to affect weight loss uses some form of this concept.  Whether you decide to eliminate certain foods, or limit portions, which is a close cousin of counting calories, you are dieting.  In other words, you are limiting your intake of food to a point where it is less than your caloric output in an effort to cause your body to burn its own fat for energy.   

The “diet word” haters say that you must adopt a new lifestyle, another meaningless statement. The lifestyle usually involves eliminating certain types of food, which is another way of decreasing calories, i.e., dieting, and some sort of
exercise.  Perhaps the disdain for dieting comes from watching hyper trainers on some television shows put people
through incredibly strict regimens to lose what is often multiple pounds per day.  Bottom line is if your goal is to
permanently lose weight, there are good diets, ones that you can live with (sounds like a lifestyle change) and there are bad diets, ones that as soon as you resume a more normal food intake will result in weight regain.  Despite the semantic silliness,
I will continue to use the word diet because it is more specific and accurate than the more general word lifestyle. 




At Da Shore

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In Sea Isle City, NJ for the weekend.Temp tomorrow should be high 70s and the ocean temp should be mid 70s, good conditions for a walk in the surf. My calorie limit for tomorrow is 3000. That limit is at least partly supported by said walk in the surf. Yes, that’s right, walking is da bomb when it comes to burning calories while enjoying a beautiful environment like the Jersey shore.


Part Time Diet and Body Building

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Muscles are calorically expensive.  Big muscles “cost” more than smaller
ones.  So, it stands to reason that progressive
resistance exercise, most often weight lifting, is an excellent way to
complement your weight loss effort.  As
you gain muscle size you burn more calories 24/7 and of course this is exactly what
you want.  But wait, to gain muscle size,
don’t you need to eat more calories?   The
simple answer is yup, and the Part Time Diet will show you exactly how to
implement this while continuing to lose body fat. 



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Well, summer is here, and you don’t feel you are ready to don that new bathing suit.  No biggie, it’s not too late to start your new lifestyle and see good results before the end of this summer.   Firstly, let’s look at your situation.  Are you more than 25 pounds over the weight you think you should be? If so, be realistic.  Weight loss of more than a pound to a pound and a half per week is often complemented by comparable weight gain.  Small permanent changes are always the way to go.  When you first start the part time diet, weight loss of 3-5 pounds in the first week is typical.  With consistent one to one and a half pounds per week weight loss. as of this writing, you could be 15 to 22 pounds less than you are now by Labor Day.  Whattya waitin for. 



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Many people who have lost their jobs are not just battling financial woes, but also the depression that goes with that scenario. Some folks mitigate that depression by overeating. This is usually coupled with less activity than usual and of course the concomitant weight gain. Weight gain then just adds to the depression which adds to the overeating, and the cycle repeats itself over and over. Wouldn’t it be better to spend the time not working for someone else by working on yourself? You know, preparing for the next chapter of your life by improving your physical fitness, self-image and self-confidence.

You’re probably thinking, nice idea, but who has the money for an expensive weight-loss system that requires the purchase of special foods, equipment, gym memberships and/or often the company’s boxed foods. Especially when unemployed, these systems can simply be beyond many folks’ budgets.

Whether you are working or not, why spend all that money when The Part Time Diet Approach For Full Time Weight Loss book and a pair of walking shoes are all you’ll ever need to achieve sustainable weight loss. The PTD is a comprehensive tool you can use to look and feel your best for the rest of your life, not just until you land that new killer position with the big paycheck and the corner office. Hmmm, I would settle for a cubicle and my own desk, or just one drawer in a desk that was just for my stuff including my bag of Cheese Combos (that’s right I eat Cheese Combos as long as they fit in my calorie budget for that day) but I digress. Wait, you don’t believe I can eat Cheese Combos and maintain my weight (5’9″ and 164 pounds) without making exercise a second job? Ya gotta read the book!


Kirsty Alley

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Just read that Kirsty Alley’s weight has ballooned by 83 pounds. There is some debate about exactly how much, but the plain fact is that she has oviously regained most, if not all, of the weight she had lost. She has also sought professional health in the form of a spa somewhere in the Los Angeles area, saying she wanted to jump start her new diet.

Most of the time, jump starting a diet means eating much less than one needs to maintain one’s weight while performing an inhuman and unsustainable exercise regimen. This is done to achieve that first few pounds of weight loss and presumably give one a shot in the old confidence muscle. The logic is sort of like going to a dentist for the first time and asking to forego the use of novacaine so the second time with novacaine will hurt less than it otherwise might have. HMMM.

The “Part Time Diet Book,” explains why this may be the exact wrong way to start a diet and why it may hinder one’s efforts over the long haul. In fact, the PTD recommends a decidely different way to jump start one’s weight-loss efforts, one that will actually pay dividends in the long run.


WEIGHT CYCLING (YOYO Diets) Decreases HDL in Women

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Most people have a tendency to think that dieting is harmless and basically done for cosmetic reasons. Seems more and more evidence that indicates otherwise is piling up. Now, YOYO dieting is being shown to actually contribute to less than optimal blood chemistry by decreasing the level of good cholesterol. This has been associated with a higher incidence of coronary artery disease. Aren’t we usually hoping for better health when we decide to lose weight? Just more evidence that for optimal health, it is best to reduce weight slowly and sanely, and then remain at the lower weight. Hey, I know a great program that can help you do just that!

Check out this link to read the study for yourself.



How To Use This Program To Enhance Other Weight-Loss Programs

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The latest debate where I work is over low carb dieting. Let’s assume you are a fan of low-carb programs. If this is your thing, don’t let me talk you out of it, but be warned, the way many people practice this approach ultimately results in lack of fiber and some other nutrients. On even this approach, at some point many people find that weight-loss stops, no matter how strict they are. To understand why, you must realize that the reason this approach works in the first place is that, at it’s core, it is really a calorie reduction system. Now I know proponents of this method will wax philosophical about the decreased insulin production and how this promotes weight loss, and I’m sure there is some truth to this, but the fact is that, long-term, many of these people suffer the same fate as most other dieters, namely the dreaded plateau and weight re-gain.
Sounds dire, doesn’t it? Well, take heart. If you really want to use a low-carb approach there is a way to do it that, I believe, will result in more consistent weight loss. That way is to eat your low carb foods within a Part-Time Diet framework.


JohnH@Part-Time Diet

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Glad you liked the book Sandy. Please do keep me posted with respect to your progress.


Forget Everything You Think You Know About Dieting.

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Hello frustrated dieters. As you read these posts I hope to disabuse you of the many misconceptions floating around regarding weight loss. Almost any one who has tried to lose weight knows that it is a truly daunting task. Many of you have looked to the so-called experts to help you, and have found that the advice is dizzy with contradiction. Over the years, carbohydrate and fat have each taken their turns as villain, only to be eventually redeemed as OK in moderation. As time permits, I will try to outline various studies with some surprising results and why losing weight does not have to require a degree in nutrition or biochemistry. I will also discuss why any plan that is not doable for life will produce temporary results at best. Stay tuned.