Chapter Five

Putting It All Together: Small Steps Take You Far

Now that the groundwork has been laid, this chapter will combine all the elements
of our system and show exactly how to implement it.  Here we continue to follow
our two fictitious dieters.  Each is a composite of actual dieters with whom I have
worked.  I use these people to: give the reader an idea of how a typical dieter
might use this approach, show the reader how to handle the inevitable plateau, and
illustrate the adaptability of this system to almost any lifestyle.
Chapter Six

Maintaining the New You: Gloria, Phil, and You Already Know

This chapter explains how to use the weight loss principles learned to maintain body
weight without chronic deprivation.  It also discusses how naturally thin people maintain
their weight and how we can steal, err, umm borrow their methods.  We also revisit our
two composite dieters to see how they use the part-time method to keep their new

Hey, what happens if after all your hard work, you go out
one night and totally screw up?  C'mon, you know you're
going to.  Well, unless you're a total perfectionist, you will
probably want to read about a really cool little concept we
will call "legal cheating", also discussed in this chapter.
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