Chapter Three

Learning To Count Calories Puts Gloria and You In Control:
Think Checking Account

This chapter begins by explaining why it is worth the effort to learn to count calories
and why it is easier than ever to do so.  It then goes on to show some techniques to
vastly simplify this task and concludes with a unique calorie counter that is organized
into families or categories of food.  Once you learn these categories, the need to
access a calorie counter for every crumb simply disappears.    
Chapter Four

A Basic Guide to Exercise: To Phil’s Relief, Grunting
and Groaning Is Strictly Optional

This is aimed at the beginner or novice who does not have a lot of equipment or time, or,
for that matter, inclination to exercise.  We try to show that just a moderate amount of
exercise can be instrumental in maintaining a person’s calorie burning machinery thus
obviating the need to chronically diet to maintain a healthy weight.   
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caloric content of just about
any food, check out this
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Use Your Smart Phone.  With
the advent of a seemingly
infinite number of apps it is
now easier than ever to keep
track of what you are eating.  
Check out your app store, as
there are many free apps that
will give you calorie values by
using your camera's phone to
read bar codes and then keep
a running total of calories.  

After you understand the
basic tenets of The Part Time
Diet, you can use your smart
phone to find and keep track
of calorie values of your
foods, thus making weight
loss and maintenance easier
than ever.  
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