Chapter One

Why Traditional Diets Fail

If you've done any of the above, then you know, at least on an intuitive level, that just about
any diet is effective initially.  The vast majority of them, however, begin to lose their
effectiveness in as little as six weeks.  This happens because these diets treat the body as
if it is a static mechanism.  By doing this, they ignore the body’s response to lowered food
consumption, and doom the dieter to failure.  Incidentally, have you ever seen the response
of most diet gurus to this plateauing phenomenon?  They usually council to just eat less,
because at your new weight you require less calories.   Ladies and gentlemen, this practice
puts the cart before the horse and almost never works long-term.  

This chapter explains what happens when you diet, why the results are temporary, and, now
for the good news, how to use the body's response to dieting to actually work for you in your
battle against excess weight.  

We also introduce one of two fictitious "composite" dieters who will provide real-world
examples of how this system can actually be implemented, and then conclude with a bit of a
satirical look at the psychological effects of chronic dieting.

Chapter Two

Getting Started: Let’s Revisit Gloria and Then Forget Everything
You Think You Know About Dieting

Here we give concrete definitions of all the important terms that will be used, especially
what we mean by dieting.  We then introduce the reader to the idea of part-time dieting,
varying caloric intake, and exactly how to use these concepts to lose weight easily and
consistently without dieting everyday.  As the chapter title states, we will also take another
look at our new friend Gloria.

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